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As a leading wholesale supplier of domestic water system components in Kamloops and throughout the interior of BC, Delta Irrigation provides the materials you need for a waterworks system of any size. Waterworks are all about moving water so that it is where it is needed with the right volume, pressure, cleanliness, and other standards that people need. These systems vary in size and need to be custom built for every situation.

If you're a small business owner needing water moved through your building, a homeowner installing underground sprinklers, a large company moving water throughout an indoor or outdoor facility, a government representative planning or extending a water system for a city, or building a public swimming pool, then we have the equipment, expertise, and answers you need in order to get your system built.

Our company provides materials from the best waterworks equipment companies on the continent. No matter the size of pipes you need – we've got them. The same goes for timers, pumps, fittings, and gauges.

If you need supplies to build or maintain any waterworks system, contact Delta Irrigation today!

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