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Water Treatment

Water is not the same everywhere! Minerals, deposits and other environmental affects can have a large impact on how the water you drink tastes and flows. Hard, bad tasting and smelly drinking water is present all over the Thompson Okanagan. Kamloops' water specifically suffers from hard water issues, but Delta Irrigation is here to help fix that! Water softeners, filters and UV systems can help clean up all the water you use no matter the source.

While not a health hazard, hard water can interfere with many normal household practices. Washed dishes are likely to have spots on them after they come out of the dishwasher. Clothes that are washed can lose their colour faster and end up feeling scratchy and hard. Your shower walls and bathtub will have a sticky film that builds up over time. If you see any of these signs, a water softener will fix your problem! Water softeners use a combination of chemicals and physical movement of water to clean out all of the calcium and other elements that cause hard water.

Sometimes the water you have access to comes with a metallic, unwanted aftertaste or strong odours. The chemicals that inherently cause these issues can sometimes be introduced into the water system to treat larger issues and make the water safe to drink. Other times it's possible that these effects can be caused by environmental contaminants or exposure to latent metal deposits. Hydrogen Sulfide, chlorine, mercury and lead are some examples of elements that can be present in a water supply at any time. Filtering and oxidization are two ways to help remove these elements from your water. Delta Irrigation has many water filter systems to fit your needs.

Ultraviolet light can also be used to filter/purify a source of water. These systems pass shortwave radiation (UV rays) through the water, eliminating parasites, bacteria and other compounds that are present in the water. While this process does a great job of getting contaminants out of the water you use, it requires the water be as clear as possible. If your water is cloudy or has particulate floating in it, the UV rays can bounce or not penetrate the water properly leaving it still full of possibly dangerous contaminants.

If you have problems drinking or using the water you have access to, Delta Irrigation has a solution for you. Contact us today!

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