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Pumps & Motors

There are so many varied uses for surface and submersible water pumps. Whether you need to pump water to your center pivot system, or just up to the top of your backyard waterfall, Delta Irrigation in Kamloops BC has everything you need. From industrial installations to backyard fish ponds, our experts can help you find the best pump for your budget and needs. We have been supplying the Thompson Okanagan area with high quality reliable water pump services for over 40 years!

Most submersible or surface water pumps are based on either a centrifugal design or a positive water displacement one. These two main pump designs have a very different impact on how the work of moving your water is completed and the tools/infrastructure needed to support it. Every project is a little bit different, but we're sure we can help get you on the right water moving path!

A centrifugal pump is based on a rotating impeller design, which moves water into the pump and pressurizes the interior of the pump, forcing water further down the circuit. Centrifugal pumps work with all liquids, but work especially well with low viscosity, thin liquids that have high flow rates. Water definitely fits that profile! If the water you're trying to move might have some solids in it, a centrifugal pump might not be the best choice.

Positive displacement water pumps moved fixed amounts of water through the process of continual contraction and expansion. They often feature an internal flexible diaphragm which is used to continually pull water into the pump and then push it out the other end of the line. One of the main positive features of these pumps is that most of them automatically remove air from the line, meaning that air bleeding is a thing of the past.

Water pumps are often required in many industrial and agricultural applications, and choosing the right pump can make or break your job. Call Delta Irrigation today to get the right pump for the right price!

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