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When it comes to your backyard garden or lawn, correct watering practices can be the difference between a lush green environment or a burnt, tan and dusty view. In Kamloops and the Thompson Okanagan, Delta Irrigation has all the answers you need to your personal home irrigation questions. While the concept of controlling your watering jobs seems pretty straightforward, the reality of the situation is much different. Your irrigation system needs to be precise, efficient and reliable and there are many roadblocks before the finish line.

If you're just using sprinklers and hoses, making sure the entirety of your lawn gets covered properly can be challenging. Nobody wants to water the sidewalk, but we don't want sections of green grass missing out on water and leaving brown patches either. Maybe you already have an irrigation system, but you're finding large wet spots or puddles hiding around your yard. Is your water metered and you're finding the usage bill is too high? It's possible that your existing system has a leak or is just on too long.

If your garden isn't quite performing up to what it should be, a customized irrigation system can help greatly. Different plants need different amounts of water, and even to be watered in different ways. Tomatoes really don't like getting water on their leaves, so a drip feeding system is the best choice. Other vegetables need much more water than their neighbours in the row beside them. It's hard to find the time to keep track of all of these differences and then water accordingly on a daily basis.

A custom, timed or electronically controlled irrigation system can deliver water to every plant you have in the most powerful efficient way possible. No more worries about overwatering some plants and underwatering others, or simply forgetting to water! Let the water experts at Delta Irrigation help design, install and maintain your backyard garden watering system.

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