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Travelling Hose Reels

Delta Water Products supplies OCMIS traveling sprinklers that were developed to significantly reduce labor costs from irrigating. The traveler system consists of a hose reel machine that continuously reels in the Big Gun and gun cart down selected travel lanes. The traveler is capable of irrigating regular and irregular shaped fields with distances as long as 1/2 mile (750 meters). OCMIS traveling big gun sprinklers are capable of high uniformity water application when the proper sprinkler flow rate, operating pressure and travel lane spacing’s are selected.

The key to the successful use of Big Guns on travelers is the proper planning of the system for your area, lay of the land, shape of the fields, crop, soil, water supply and pumping conditions. Delta Water Products can best recommend the proper combination of Big Gun sprinkler, traveler, hose, reel, main line and pumping unit based upon his experience with the operating conditions in your area and the performance characteristics of the system components.

OCMIS is the leading supplier in hard hose travelers in the world. Delta Water Products is proud to supply, install, and service these machines all across BC and Alberta.

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