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Delta Irrigation has extensive experience supplying, and supporting residential and commercial septic systems in the BC Interior. Delta carries an extensive inventory of everything septic including tanks, waste pumps, infiltrators, filters, pipe and fittings. Whether you have a summer home on the lake, an industrial camp, or a home in the country with no access to city sanitation, septic tanks and systems are a necessary fundamental. Delta is a call away in helping both septic contractors and customers alike.

Anyone who's lived with a septic tank knows the many ways that issues can arise. No matter the cause, most of these situations result in your house or drainfield full of sewage. Septic tanks work by allowing solids to fall to the bottom of the tank while liquid and other bio material floats to the top. Baffles and filters help keep the waste material in the tank while heavy duty bacteria eat away at the solids. The resulting water is usually slowly dispersed into a drainfield, allowing the soil to filter the water further before it returns to an aquifer or other water source underground.

One of the first signs that your septic tank might need some help is bright and thick green grass popping up in your drainfield. Especially if the weather has been dry. This is a sign that your drainfield has a possible blockage or draining issue somewhere. The water builds up in the ground instead of flowing away naturally. This can be caused by sludge (solid biomaterial) that happens to escape your tank and get lodged in your drainage piping.

Another symptom of a failing septic tank is backing up of wastewater into your household drains. This is most often a sign that the waste water entry into your septic tank is compromised. Depending on the age of the tank (1992 or older), it can be lacking an interior baffle. This baffle separates the tank into two separate interior chambers and can help stop material from clogging on intake. The baffle can also do a lot to help stop solids from stirring up and leaking out into the drainfield.

Whether your tank is older than 1992 or not, Delta Irrigation has the staff, tools and training to help resolve all your septic issues. Contact us today!

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