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Fire Prevention

Fire is possibly the most destructive force our livelihoods can face. Your factory or farm is always susceptible to flame, and fires can start from almost anything involving fuel and a spark. Buildings and fields of crops make for great fuel. Delta Irrigation in Kamloops is here to help keep your property and product as safe from fire as possible. The types of fire suppression and reaction systems on the market today outnumber the types of crops you can grow. Some are made for storage areas, some for your tools and agricultural vehicles themselves. Others yet are ready to handle an entire facility when it comes to fire suppression.

In the agricultural realm, it's not only structures that are possibly fuel for a fire. Your combines and tractors can be moving fire hazards and could possibly spark the many other sources of flammable materials around. Harvesters and combines are particularily troublesome. Their initial capital cost, extended fuel tanks and large size can be a triple threat when it comes to a fire breaking out. The loss of these machines alone costs farmers millions of dollars a year around the world, nevermind the incidental loss of harvest time and crops.

When it comes to industrial/commercial fire suppression, speed and simplicity are of utmost importance. Large storage rooms full of records or tools and equipment can be concentrated sources of potential loss. The first step in stopping a fire in its tracks is detecting that one has even started. Relying only on classic smoke detectors means the location of the fire and time of ignition is largely unknown. Mass cover sprinkler systems are indiscriminate and blanket an entire area in water, causing lots of damage to goods that were not on fire in the first place. If your fire suppression system relies on electrical power (batteries or otherwise!), extra maintenance costs and possible failures could throw all your hard work out the window.

For help installing, maintaining and servicing your industrial or agricultural fire suppression system call Delta Irrigation today!

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