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Center Pivot Irrigation Systems

Center Pivot Irrigation systems provide many advantages to the agriculture industry when it comes to keeping crops watered efficiently. Delta Irrigation is your source for center pivot installations and maintenance in Kamloops BC and the surrounding area. Kamloops' locale can provide one of the best growing environments for crops around, as long as your fields stay wet when they need it!

A center pivot system contains a central pump/water intake platform that usually pulls in water from an underground, mainline or well-based source. This water is then pumped down the length of the equipment's span, also called the lateral. This allows the sprinklers to provide irrigation to a large area with only one source of water.

One of the main advantages to a center pivot sprinkler system is its ability to cover massive areas of land very quickly. If your fields are primarily flat, these efficient water delivery systems can cover of a lot of ground! While some center pivot systems are powered and moved entirely by water, most newer pivots include small electrical motors to facilitate the movement of the sprinkler's spans. As the long arm of the pivot irrigation system moves, all of the crops that pass underneath the lateral are watered with accuracy and efficiency.

Another major advantage of these unique machines is the amount of control they offer to any irrigation system. Soil water content can be monitored and individual center pivot systems can be controlled separately to target only the plants that need moisture the most. Different crops can be separated into smaller, localized areas and receive customized watering schedules unique to each plant's requirements.

Like any good investment, a center pivot system is not a small thing to get started. With Delta Irrigation here to help, your center pivot system can be installed and maintained with ease.


Reinke starts with Grade A materials that never need to be overbuilt and are engineered to withstand the stress and force exerted on them by the pivot system in all field conditions.


The Steel used in Reinke’s Electrogator II pivots can be up to 50% stronger than steel used in other irrigation systems. This means Reinkes pivots can weigh as much as 20% less.
When compared to competitor’s machines Reinke eliminates six thousand pounds of weight, which means less stress and wear on critical system components.


Reinke’s single leg tower creates a wider tower base for increased stability, absorbs more stress at the tower, and increased flotation for better performance.


Reinke Pivots come in a variety of heights to suit your needs.


Reinke Pivots can be equipped with your choice of Nelson, Senniger, or Komet sprinklers. These top of the line companies ensure your water application is at 100%.

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End of Pivot,

End of Pivot

Several solutions are available for the end of your centre pivot.
Reinke Alumigator,

Reinke Alumigator

The most lightweight center pivot system available from Reinke!
Reinke Minigator,

Reinke Minigator

The smallest, most efficient center pivot irrigation system that Reinke offers today!
Reinke Electrogator II,

Reinke Electrogator II

Reinke's industry leading Electrogator II center pivot irrigation system.
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