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Agriculture Sprinklers

Delta Irrigation carries large lines of Agricultural Sprinklers from brands like Rain Bird and Nelson. Visit us today for help in choosing the best sprinkler for your needs in Kamloops and around BC.

Pivot Sprinklers

One of the most important design considerations on a pivot is the sprinkler design. Considering uniformity according to soil types, and crop selection can have a great impact on yield and crop profitability. Delta Water Products can help you design, maintain, and improve your pivot sprinklers.

Big Gun

Big guns have many applications in agriculture, from end of systems on pivots, solid set systems, to travelling hose reels. Delta Water Products is proud to supply the Signature Nelson Big Gun.

End of Pivot

There are many options for the ends of pivots. The proper design of these systems can greatly increase or decrease amount of land irrigated. Delta Water Products can help make sure you are covering the maximum amount of area with your pivot.

Nelson Big Gun Sprinkler,

Nelson Big Gun Sprinkler

The versatile, reliable, and field-proven Big Gun sprinkler.
Nelson Pivot Sprinklers,

Nelson Pivot Sprinklers

Under tough field conditions, you can expect a reliable product!
Nelson Irrigation R2000WF Rotator,

Nelson Irrigation R2000WF Rotator

The ultimate wind resistant water delivery system
Nelson Irrigation R33 Rotator,

Nelson Irrigation R33 Rotator

Replace impact sprinklers with more uniform distribution and application of water!
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